Hello,  As a part of the South West Michigan Planning Commission’s Storm Water Public Education Plan (PEP), a survey has been developed to gather data about community awareness and concern of water quality issues within Berrien and Cass counties. We would like your help to distribute this survey to homeowners within Berrien and Cass counties to evaluate the public education program that is required as part of the NPDES permit with Michigan EGLE.

Your involvement in distributing this survey will be a tremendous help. You may distribute this survey by any means you wish – through newsletters, social media (Facebook), mail, websites and web pages, etc. Reaching as many individuals as possible will allow for better baseline data collection and implementation of future education and outreach measures to improve community education about the water quality in southwest Michigan.

The survey can be taken online or the attached can be printed and distributed via mail or made available at events. The link to the online survey is: www.letskeepitblue.org.  Below is a blurb you can place on your website, social media, newsletter, etc….


Do you know what contributed the most to the pollution of lakes, rivers, and streams? We are curious about what you know and we have a 5-7 minute survey we would like you to take if you live or have a home in Berrien or Cass County.  Take the survey online at www.letskeepitblue.org.

Storm water runoff (rain water) picks up a variety of pollutants from many sources and washes them into rivers, our ground water, and ultimately Lake Michigan. In fact, most of this polluted runoff begins at home. This survey will help us understand what you know about local water pollution and water quality so that we can improve education and communication about water quality issues in Berrien and Cass Counties and take measures to achieve improved water quality.